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BREAKING: New Oregon Standoff Indictment Coming Per Ryan Payne Nevada Document

Oregon Standoff Trials


Buried in the footnotes on page-10 of a newly filed motion by Nevada attorneys for dual defendant Ryan Payne, it is noted there is a 27th co-defendant in the Oregon Standoff case whose name is still under seal. Payne was an admitted tactical leader of the 41-day January armed occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon.

The footnote reads,

Mr. Payne’s inability to prepare for trial in this case has not been altered by his decision to enter a guilty plea in the Oregon case on July 19, 2016. There are 27 defendants in the Oregon case, including one whose name has not yet been unsealed.

Just Tuesday, Payne  pleaded guilty in Oregon to conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs. He was said to be in negotiations with Nevada prosecutors for a plea…

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