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Trump’s Russian Tea Cake is Crumbling, but What Will Russia Do When it Does?

Challenging the Rhetoric


By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

A few short weeks into office have already amounted to a shitpile of alarming allegations against this President and his Administration. From racism to election fraud to outright treason, and myriad other unsavory things in between; how much more can Donald Trump’s presidency take before his Russian tea cake completely crumbles?

Who, What, When, Why

Talk of Impeachment is gaining steam in response to numerous leaks, lawsuits, and investigations related to Trump’s Russian ties. Since the resignation of Trump’s national security advisorMichael Flynn, the Twitterverse is rife with echoes of the late Sen. Howard Henry Baker Jr., the leading Republican on the committee that investigated Watergate surrounding President Nixon, who during the hearings asked,  “What did the president know and when did he know it?”

It was a valid question then, and it is a valid question now.

For PoliticoDaniel Benjamin writes

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3 comments on “Trump’s Russian Tea Cake is Crumbling, but What Will Russia Do When it Does?

  1. ruffadam
    March 13, 2017

    Just thought I would see if you have the integrity to admit you were TOTALLY wrong about the assassination of LaVoy Finicum?

    You probably will never admit you were wrong or apologize to the people you attacked and hurt with your completely biased so called reporting but I will ALWAYS remember it and how disgusting it was.

    Just for the record you are also totally wrong about the Bundy’s and Pete Santilli who will be found not guilty in the second trial in Nevada also after being wrongfully imprisoned for over a year. All those cowboys are true blue American patriots and you are not fit to shine their shoes lady and that is a fact. You sided with the devil and I know it and you know it. Amazing to me how you have gone from a 9/11 truther to a liberal hack spreading propaganda like it is candy.

    PS. Dan Love is under investigation as well and has been suspended from duty. If you do not know who he is look it up. Think BLM agent in charge at the Bundy ranch. Have a nice day and don’t forget this evil crap you are doing is the reason you have no traffic on your website and for your radio show. I bet you screen out callers who disagree with you or mute their line if they get through don’t ya? Yeah you do.


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