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Pete Santilli Fires Warning Shot at Bundys in Nevada

Challenging the Rhetoric

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By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Last week, jailed internet talk show host Pete Santilli has seemingly come to his senses. Through his Nevada attorney  Chris T. Rasmussen, he has moved for a second time to sever his case from that of his codefendants. The move, titled “EMERGENCY SECOND MOTION TO SEVER DEFENDANT SANTILLI FROM BEING TRIED WITH CO-DEFENDANTS OR A HEARING TO CANVASSING PROTESTING CO-DEFENDANTS”, states “Santilli’s other trial defendants except Cliven Bundy, have decided it is more important to protest jail procedures they feel violate their rights instead of preparing for a defense in the upcoming case in which they are facing life in prison. ” According to the memo, only Cliven has helped prepare for the upcoming trial of the alleged leaders of the 2014 armed “Battle of Bunkerville” near the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Santilli, 51, is facing 82-years in prison for his participation, although…

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