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I’m Immunocompromised and I’m Sick and Tired of Anti-Vaxxers and the Wilfully Ignorant

It’s very frustrating knowing that vaccines just do not work the same for those of us who are immunocompromised, leaving us at risk, seemingly no matter how many doses we get. I’ve had three full doses of Moderna and will be due for a fourth, my booster, in February.

Those who selfishly prolong this misery by refusing the vaccine, are a real and present danger to those of us just trying to live. I know we are all sick and tired of the constant up and downs we’ve experienced with the pandemic, but for the immunocompromised, every day can feel hopeless.

I’m not scared. I’m pissed.

One comment on “I’m Immunocompromised and I’m Sick and Tired of Anti-Vaxxers and the Wilfully Ignorant

  1. Vennie Kocsis
    December 10, 2021

    I have an immune system and nervous system disorder. I grew up faith healed in a cult and have never been vaccinated in my life. I cannot take the vaccine and have to carry a signed letter on my doctor’s letterhead. Luckily people in my area are letting others be themselves and we are focused on social distancing. I haven’t felt an emotion yet over this. I wish everyone would stop being mean to one another. That makes me saddest to observe. The low level and low class behaviors in all sides. People should be better humans than they are being toward one another. 💫💫

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