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NFTs, Art, and What I’ve Been Up To

On Christmas day I purchased Solana (SOL), which is a cryptocurrency, to start my journey selling my art as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are a digital version of your art that is logged as YOURS, forever, regardless of how many people buy and sell it. It will always originate back to you. You also keep the originals, unless, of course, you want to sell the physicals along with the digital versions.

Anyhow, the converting USD to SOL has a processing time of up to 15 days, so I’ve just been making art and waiting until my funds are available to mint my art. Got a notification that my funds will be available on the 7th, just a few days from now and I am so excited to see what happens.

I know several people who are selling their art this way and they are doing very well. Why not me? Right?

On Friday I will be minting and uploading my art to Holaplex as NFTs and putting them up for sale.

So, here I go!


Art is subjective, right? What you love could be something I hate. Does that make one or the other, bad or wrong? Of course not. It just means that two different ideas about the same thing can be equally correct. Equally validated. And sometimes, inequitably valued.

With goals toward real community, gratitude, and growth, analog artists, who have no digital art skills, can now live in the best of both worlds of art. And because art really is subjective, how one approaches art in this new amplitude of opportunity, can mean the difference between, well, a lot.

I’m here for that journey. Come with me?

If you are curious, please consider following my new art acct on Twitter @NFTArtistCheriW.

Now it's my turn to listen...

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