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I blog often, but to help keep me and my blog regular consistent I take Exlax created a few ongoing series. I also participate in a few series’ other bloggers have created. I would love it if you joined me in any or all of these.



Sunday Confessions, created by Cheri Speak is a weekly blog series.

Every Sunday I post a random personal confession. “Personal” does not necessarily mean “private”,it just means the confession is unique to me and my life.

I would love to turn this into a blog hop, so grab a badge, tag your post “SundayConfessions”, use hashtag #SundayConfessions and jump in this week. All topics are open. The only rules are to be sure to link back here as well as to a few other participants and get your confession posts in before midnight PST every Sunday.

Here are a couple I have done so you can see how easy…



Monday Morning Memes, created by Cheri Speak is a weekly blog series.

A blog hop based on original memes made by bloggers. Memes can be on any topic; they can be humorous, serious or even over-the-top.

It’s your choice!

Be sure to add your web address to your meme for increased exposure, tag your post “MondayMorningMemes”, use hashtag #MMM  and don’t forget to snag the badge. The only rules to participate is your meme must be original, i.e. you created it for that day’s post. Your post must be made before midnight PST every Monday.

It’s easy to make a meme, here are a few of mine to give you ideas…


twisted-tuesdays-mixtape-jenkehlTwisted Tuesday’s Mix-Tape, created by Jen Kelh of My Skewed View is a weekly blog hop.

Music and the “Mix-Tape”…every Tuesday, create your blog post version of a mix-tape. Not just any mix-tape though, there is a new “theme” every week!

This is not just a video post; it takes thought and creativity.

Check out Jen’s blog for all of the rules and how to join in. It’s a lot of fun and you will be introduced to some new music, reintroduced to some old music and everything in between.

Rewind and peek at  a few of my “Mix-Tapes” to see what I mean…


Wednesdays – pending…


Thursdays – pending…


Face It Friday’s created by, Cheri Speak is a weekly blog series based on photography and faces.

Everywhere you go there are “faces” watching you. They may be in the form of a shadow, a stain, a cloud or any number of other things.

Snap a pic and post it every Friday by midnight PST. Be sure to grab the badge, tag your post “FaceItFridays”, use the Twitter HashTag #FaceIt and link back here as well as to some of the other participants.

Here are a few of my found “Faces” to get you going…


Saturdays – pending…




2027: A Letter From the Future written by, Cheri Speak is an ongoing work of fiction. There is no set posting schedule for this one.

Based on the year 2027 and the changes that have taken place in the United States of America, this series will make you think.

Will YOU be an “InDoc” in 2027? I hope not, but now is the time to take precautions. Now is the time to pay attention and never, never say, “It can’t happen here…”, because it CAN! What can you do now to protect yourself and your family? How will you survive?

Welcome to the future…

  • 2027: a Letter From the Future Part 1
  • 2027: a Letter From the Future Part 2
  • Part 3 pending…

*For the most part, “2027” is all the fiction you will find on Cheri Speak.


LETTERS-IN-SONG-TITLES-BLOG-SERIESLetters in Song Titles written by, Cheri Speak is an ongoing series without a set posting schedule.

A series of letters and lists all written in actual song titles. Each is  linked to its appropriate YouTube video making the series completely interactive.

Did you know there is really a song title of my name…and it’s even spelled correctly! Is there a song with your name too?

Each letter or list is a stand-alone piece. Some are of similar themes, others not. All are super creative and a lot of fun to put together.

Wanna try it?

What are you waiting for? Grab the badge, open up YouTube and your editor and have some fun. You will be amazed how it all comes together. Tag your post with “InSongTitles” and link back.

Here are some examples to get you started…


Bloggers for Peace, created by Kozo of Every Day Gurus is a monthly blog challenge.

Hundreds of us have committed to posting a minimum of one post a month that is tied to PEACE.

Visit, grab a badge, tag your post B4Peace” and use the hashtag #B4Peace.

Here are a few of my own “Peace Posts” to give you some ideas…

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