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Sculpting an Athlete

As with any sculpture, the artist must have vision, creativity, and the desire to produce something of beauty. Cue the lights. Meet Alli Moyer, fitness athlete extraordinaire and owner of Alli Fitness Systems LLC.

Having competed for eight consecutive years, this hard working and devoted woman understands that a beautiful, healthy body takes a lot of hard work and commitment. With the NPC Team Universe competition in Teaneck, NJ just around the corner, Alli will begin some very hardcore training starting this weekend.  Between training, modeling, and coaching, I was pumped she took a break in her routine to answers a few questions that help us to better understand just what IS a Fitness Athlete.

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What IS a figure athlete?

It’s funny- in all the years I’ve competed, and in all the interviews I’ve done, I’ve never once been asked this question- and frankly, I’m surprised I have not been. It’s a phenomenal question, especially for those who are not familiar with the world of physique athletics/competition. I’d say that a figure athlete is really a form of body sculpting. In the same manner as bodybuilding, figure athletes are judged on aesthetics, not physique function. By this I mean when I step on stage my body doesn’t need to “perform” it needs to have achieved a certain look- per the standards set for judging figure, which are muscle tone, structure, symmetry, physique conditioning, etc. The look of the ideal figure athlete is lean, toned, athletic, balanced and feminine.

How long have you been a figure athlete?

I competed in my very first figure show at the young age of 20. I’m now 28, so 8 long years!

What achievement are you most proud of as a Figure Athlete? Why?

I believe I am most proud of my consistency. I consistently have been able to continue to improve my presentation, my package and my physique each and every time I step on stage to compete, and for me, that’s ultimately the goal. Although “winning” and placing well is important to me, even more important is that I continue to push my own limits- that I continue to surpass my previous best. I believe that true victory for any athlete is victory over the self. As long as I can grow and improve and continue to be better each and every time I step on stage- in my mind, I’ve already won.

Alli fitness athlete, Alli Moyer, fitness, athlete, health, nutrition, competition, NPC Team Universe

How many competitions do you generally enter each year?

I’ve done as few as 1, and as many as 5. Recently (in the last two to three years) it’s been more along the lines of 3-5

What is your training routine when you are getting ready to compete?

My training routine stays fairly consistent throughout the year, I typically allow the nutrition to really be the factor that steers changes in my body. However my training volume and frequency goes up. I typically do two cardio sessions a day, each at about 40 minutes each and 3-4 weight workouts a week. I also work core/abs 2-3x per week.

Are you training for a competition now? Which?

I begin my competition diet Saturday, June 2 for the NPC Team Universe in Teaneck, NJ.

What do you love about competing in general?

I fell in love with competing at an early age, and have been blessed to have remained in love with it for all these years. What I enjoy the most is not necessary the stage time itself, but the process in getting there. Competing is so mentally and physically challenging, on a variety of levels, and each prep has its own unique set of obstacles and objections to overcome. I learn something new about myself as woman and as an athlete each and every time I prepare for show. I don’t think I ever realized just how strong I was emotionally and mentally until I did my first contest prep diet, and I’ve found that the dedication, passion and work ethic established by competing has stemmed into other areas of my life as well. It’s made me a better business owner, a better trainer, it’s made me work harder at life than I would have had I not ever decided to compete. The sport is about putting in consistent hard work, day in and day out, for an extended period of time and I think that work ethic has truly helped me in all avenues of life.

What do you love about the competitions themselves?

I enjoy the stage time- for me it’s a celebration of the physique I worked so hard to create. To be able to start at point A and end up at point B and know it’s the DIRECT result of YOUR hard work is a very empowering and self fulfilling sensation. I also enjoy spending time with the other women who are competing as well, I’ve met so many incredible ladies in this sport. The comradery is incredibly motivating and inspiring.

Is there anything you dislike about the competitions?

Of course, there are negative facets to every area of life, competing included. I dislike the negative athletes, those who complain about placings, who whine about the judging. I prefer to cultivate a positive atmosphere- at the end of the day each and every athlete up on stage worked hard and we all want to win, and there can ONLY BE one winner. We all know that going into the competition, so I think you have to have a strong mental fortitude. Complaining about the judging or whining about your placing is not only poor sportsmanship but it really downplays the achievement of the women who actually placed well or won, and they worked hard too.

Once a competition is over, what is the first thing you do?

The very first thing I do is get backstage and pray. I always thank God for guiding me through my prep. Then I eat something!

Alli Moyer, Alli Moyer fitness athlete, fitness, athlete, health, nutrition, competition, NPC Team Univers

Any words of wisdom for someone just starting to compete?

I would highly recommend investing in a contest prep coach for your first show, someone you can go to for guidance and advice so you don’t feel as though you’re floundering. It truly helps to have support and coaching for those days when you’re struggling or someone to go with questions you cannot find the answers to yourself.

I saw on your website that you are also a fitness coach, is that correct?

Yes! I have information on my website, as well as on my Blog, about the coaching programs I offer.

Alli has taught us the difference between body building and body sculpting and shows us that competitions can be very rewarding for those that have the drive. Taking the step up from getting lean to actually sculpting ones body takes more then a few hours in a gym. Hard work and smart choices only go so far. It takes real dedication and drive and this lady is the real deal!

Original story: Sculpting an Athlete – Re-Body Total Body Transformation System


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