Cheri Speak

Is this mic on?

Journey Within

Journey down the wayward path,
A trail that shifts and blurs.
Indistinct amongst the over growth of caution,
The brambles of fear.
Each passage,
A corridor of your own mind.
A humble reproach,
To echo through the tunnels of consciousness.
Contemplate each twist,
Each turn,
Each fork in the road.
Be wary of the murky boundaries
But, be blameless in your continuance.
The dauntless meandering search,
With no map to guide you
But, that of your own heart.
Nameless expectations sustain you
To the crossroads,
Whose lush and unflawed beauty imparts
Hidden secrets of old.
No longer an obscure whimper
Through the branches of time
But, a revelation,
Pieced together
By the soul
Of the voyager.

2 comments on “Journey Within

  1. jarnold49
    December 15, 2012

    That’s beautiful. I’d like to see a sequel, where a path ends, and the traveler will have to tamp a new branch, freely chosen, into the unexplored, to an eventual abrupt heading from whence others may one day themselves venture anew.

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