Cheri Speak

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The Coldest Summer Night

The weight of darkness

sickening in its finality

descends heavily upon me.

It has come to engulf me

to swallow me up

in its sorrowful starless sky

to wrap me in the chilled blanket of air

on this coldest summer night.

Gasping in this pain


choking on the words left unsaid

now too late,

no chance will come.

No soft carress of daylights warmth

to hold me

no light

to lead me.

No hope of tomorrow to endure me.

The silent scream of disbelief

echos in my mind

while infinite tears of sadness

sear their reminder with their salty sting

into the wounds of this nights icy fingers.

Torn apart



wordlessly, soundlessly, shamelessly

for you.

2 comments on “The Coldest Summer Night

  1. AtomicNumber3
    November 22, 2013

    You have a beautiful gift. I’m so thankful I found your writing. Your words give me chills – I’ve felt them before.


  2. Cheri
    November 22, 2013

    Thank you very much. Words and music are my life; both the personal and the professional aspects of my life….I can express so much with written words that I cannot convey when speaking — which is ironic since I am also a public speaker LOL…I am glad that you are finding appreciation in my words and I am glad that they touch you, I am just sad that the experiences are similar because that is not something I wish on anyone. If you don’t mind, and of course at your leisure, a more positive walk into your psyche: and this one is very much how I feel when I truly connect with someone new as you and I have: and …and if you want to dip back into the darker side of my words, this is one of my personal favorites of my own poetry:


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