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Inside Info on Inside Job?


For more than five years the US Government has kept former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds silent, feeding the flames of imagination and suspicion by many within the 911 Truth movement – particularly those who believe in the MIHOP or Made It Happen On Purpose theory. Gagged since Oct. of 2002 – by then Attorney General John Ashcroft, Sibel indeed has information this administration does not want us to know – as we are slowly discovering by ongoing reports from BRADBLOG and the UK Times. However, what remains to be seen is this; does Edmonds have any information that points to 911 being an Inside Job?

The secrecy surrounding her story has made it more secretive making many question whether the government had foreknowledge of the 911 attacks. This is sparked in part by what is known as the Phoenix Memo in addition to the suppression of her sworn deposition in the Burnett v. Al Baraka Investment & Dev. Corp. suit – filed by 600 families of victims of the September 11, 2001 crimes. These questions are further fueled by testimony of another 911 Whistleblower, retired FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley who in June of 2002 testified before the 911 Commission asserting the FBI mishandled information related to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Some activists believe Sibel’s information could give evidence to government foreknowledge and potentially point to direct government involvement and planning in the attacks.

I asked 911 Truth activist Nick Bakken from St. Paul, MN what has made him such a supporter of her gag being lifted,

“Well, I never expected her to say anything about 911 Truth, but the States Secret thing is a big deal to me” he explained and went on to say,

“I’m supportive of the gag being lifted because being gagged to protect criminals in our own country is not something anyone should support. The fact that we are infiltrated by moles makes me believe it would have been even easier for an Inside Job theory to be more fact than fiction”.

Brad Friedman of BRADBLOG was at a media conference I attended recently in Santa Cruz, CA. I had a little time to chat with him about Sibel, 911 Truth and the support truth activists rally around her. Understanding he couldn’t reveal any secrets to me I constructed a question whose answer I hope will solve some of the mystery.

I asked Brad if there was any indication Sibel had any kind of information or knowledge of 911 being an Inside Job based on his many discussions with her. In other words, should the Truth movement hold out hope Sibel can help them prove that theory to be true? His answer was an unequivocal,


He said,

“In fact, I don’t think the 911 Truth movement is going to like what she has to say.”

The information that is slowly surfacing from Sibel may help provide more evidence of incompetence regarding the crimes that took place on 9/11. The information may also help build a legal foundation for a new investigation into those crimes later on. But, for now, it seems the gag has been in place because of what she knows about the selling of our countries nuclear secrets by the very people we elect and pay to protect us. Those same people that vote on war in our name against nations with nuclear potential and then sell the need for those wars to the American people.

If our government is selling nuclear secrets to other countries while engaged in a War on Terror with no boundaries and those nuclear secrets are used against us, isn’t that in itself an Inside Job?

Let Sibel Speak. If you haven’t already signed this petition now is the time. Coalition

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