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Is this mic on?

OMG We DID It! Like For Real!


“Six Degrees of Separation” my ass! How about one or two?

…Oooh wait! Can I say that?

Oh well, this is one of those times that warrants an expletive so, if I offended you I did not mean too. It’s just that it is THAT good.

I’m sorry, but you get the emphasis to my excitement and OMG I knew we could do it, I just didn’t think we could do SO fast!!!

As some know, yesterday, I posted a plea for help finding an early childhood friend

Well, I knew we could do it [I have the utmost faith in my readers], and many of you here and on social media pitched their power in to help point the two of us back together…

… drum roll please…

It Happened! We Did It! You Did It! I Did It! And, I love You!


Inevitably it was “I” that found her however, there was an important piece of information that enabled me to do so … at least to do so quickly. Thank you to my FaceBook friend Allan Perri for providing that pivotal piece of info, which he may not yet know how important it was in the scheme of this whole thing.

As he delved into online searches along side of me — although many states apart [thank you Allan for jumping on MY lil bandwagon], he uncovered that my friend’s mom had passed away, or at least who we thought was my friend’s mom…and it turned out to be so.

I am saddened by this, especially to know she died so much sooner than my own mom. I’m sorry Kim and Scott…and I am sorry Gene, for your loss. Almost 10-years later after YOUR loss and upon knowing this news only today, I feel the loss. I really loved her.

She was one of few adults in my life that I felt safe with. She was strict, yes very — even with me, but I always felt she genuinely cared about me and my welfare.

Anyhow…and so on and whatever else leads us to the BIG discovery…

When my pal delivered that information…I did a tiny lil follow-up search of obituaries to see if I could find this woman who was a very prominent [and positive] figure in my younger years and I found it quickly. There was no question I had found the right one…all the names I had listed in my post yesterday…were listed there.

Very Sad, But…


It was a hit.

The Jewel of the Nile was my friend Kim had a married-name mentioned in the piece.

I popped that in a search engine and ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing, we had a winner-winner chicken dinner!


We had a phone number!

[can I PLEASE insert winky smilie here? I really feel I need it…]


Sorry, I know I am not on FaceBook, but I did I say “OMG” a few times already.

Yeh, yeh so, anyways…

I called.

And Then…


…She answered the phone of course.

It was really cool/neat/groovy [and several dozen other great adjectives] to hear her voice, her reaction and then just talk.

I have no idea what will come of all of this, but I know what was accomplished for sure; I was able to connect to something and someone who mattered to me from a time that correlates with some of the other stuff I have been dredging up and writing about; a way of finding peace.

My childhood memories are not the best as you have gathered. I think the past couple of years have made me yearn to connect with those few memories that were wholesome and true.

I needed to find some goodness from my childhood…and touch it.

And, I did!

What a concept huh?

Many Thanks!!!


Whether you participated in my mini-maddness yesterday…or not…I still appreciate you and I am sure you appreciate that I succeeded in this endeavor.

Reconnecting with this one particular friend, well…it could only be a good thing.

With humble and many thanks…

Have you reconnected with someone who meant something to you from your childhood? Tell me how you did it and what was the outcome? I would love to hear about it!

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15 comments on “OMG We DID It! Like For Real!

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  2. The Presents of Presence
    November 23, 2013

    Woo Hoo!!!! I am SO EXCITED for you! How awesome that you found her! Congrats and well done to your friend Allan Perri! I’ve got a big smile on my face! What lovely news. xo


    • Cheri
      November 23, 2013

      Isn’t it cool? I knew we could do this.


  3. Henrietta Handy
    November 23, 2013

    Reblogged this on Kentucky Mountain Girl's Blog.


    • Cheri
      November 23, 2013

      Thank you! That was very sweet. Shows the power of the internet and teamwork eh?


  4. NW Frame of Mind
    November 23, 2013

    What a great story, I’m so happy you found her! I don’t know anyone who was close to your area of Colorado during that time period but from your post yesterday did learn that we are almost the same age and graduated from High School at the same time. 🙂 It can be a very small world when we start talking to one another.


    • Cheri
      November 23, 2013

      LOL absolutely, and in learning about and from one another. 🙂


  5. Life Breath Present
    November 23, 2013

    That’s incredibly amazing! I’m so very very glad it worked out and you found her!! 😀 Much hope to “re-energizing” the friendship through time 🙂


    • Cheri
      November 23, 2013

      If any of you have someone that meant something to you in your childhood and simply lost touch, I highly encourage you to re-connect. It was FUN! I hope that we find we have things in common as adults and stay in touch, but you never know.


  6. likeitiz
    November 24, 2013

    This is awesome! You have a great network.


    • Cheri
      November 24, 2013

      Thank you, yes I do. I’ve never used it for something like this, but it paid off!!


  7. djmatticus
    November 25, 2013

    This is very cool! I’m glad you were able to reconnect with your friend, and hooray for the internet coming in handy for a change.

    I’ve been tempted to join Facebook to find some long lost friends, but, haven’t done so yet. At some point I figure I fell out of contact with these people for a reason, and while those reasons may no longer matter it seems silly to start up relationships again that my dissolve again. (With the totally introverted thinking that if it wasn’t strong enough to survive the first time around why would that change.)


  8. Laura P. Schulman, MD, MA
    December 10, 2013

    Wow! That is SO amazing (OMG wink wink). I have found several people who are very important to me for different reasons, by means of obituaries. One was an old friend and lover whose early death really tore me up. But even more important was my Great Uncle Benny, who was put into a mental institution in the 1940’s and was completely abandoned by the family. I was told that he died there. But research that I did, starting with an obituary that I found, revealed a completely different story, which I tell in my blog post here
    Good on ye’ for following up on your lead, and having the cojones to call your old friend and catch up!


    • Cheri
      December 10, 2013

      Thanks. It has been great getting to know one another again. I will definitely check out Uncle Benny!


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