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47 Wishes for My 47th Birthday


I think I broke Facebook. I have had hundreds of birthday wishes posted and messaged to me already this morning. It’s a bit crazy! Every year I am amazed and overwhelmed by how many people actually take the time and acknowledge me with well wishes. Who could feel lonely?

Not me and on that note, I’d like to share my 47 wishes for my 47th birthday …

I wish ….

  1. … honest journalists would grow bigger balls
  2. … dishonest journalists would grow horns
  3. … activists actually got active
  4. … politicians started working for the People
  5. … the United States would stop bombing civilians
  6. … world peace was really the goal
  7. … no one would ever go hungry
  8. … no person would be ever homeless
  9. … murder did not exist
  10. … people stopped debating ‘climate change’ and did something about it
  11. … life didn’t always feel like high school
  12. … my mom was still alive
  13. … Jesus would really return and tell all people to stop hating in His name
  14. … my ex-husbands got help
  15. … there was no such thing as a pedophile
  16. … people knew the grass is never greener on the other side with the same landscaper
  17. … when people say I love you, they meant it
  18. … every “share” on social media was a personal commitment to be a better person
  19. … every ‘some one’ took time for every ‘no one’
  20. … WordPress would give me another free upgrade just for wishing
  21. …  ‘hope’ and ‘wish’ were not four-letter words to some people
  22. … those I love truly feel they are loved
  23. … that I will always evolve positively no matter what negativity creates the evolution
  24. … there was ‘care’ in healthcare for everyone
  25. … people would awaken to the implications of technology
  26. … the 1% became the 99%
  27. … selfless would replace selfish
  28. … the FDA, Pharma, Monsanto are finally exposed in a way everyone finally gets it
  29. … my children will always, not just love me, but love to be around me
  30. … alternative and indy media would stop pretending they’re much different
  31. … those who have helped me along the way knew what their help meant
  32. … I somehow positively impact everyone I meet
  33. … those who I’ve negatively impacted forgive me
  34. … everyone has a chance to live somewhere beautiful in nature at least once
  35. … no one ever hurt an animal outside of survival
  36. … social media would grow a conscience
  37. … everyone would try marijuana at least once
  38. … labels were read for nutrition instead of used for hate
  39. … everyone really did learn their lesson
  40. … people realized people were not disposable
  41. … we could all ‘find ourselves’ sooner versus later
  42. … there really was an ‘easy’ button
  43. … healthy food was as affordable as unhealthy food
  44. … chocolate was one of the main food groups
  45. … our arms were one inch longer
  46. … I could always feel as content and safe as I do today
  47. … I am never forgotten

Now you make a wish!


5 comments on “47 Wishes for My 47th Birthday

  1. 1EarthUnited
    April 27, 2015

    Beautiful, happy birthday Cheri! Wow, what a list. 🙂


  2. kateinhawaii
    May 8, 2015

    Supah wish list that I passed fwd., because wishes that attach to everyone


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