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Recipe For A Journalist


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1 pkg. thick skin

1 bag tenacity

3 c. integrity

2 c. resourcefulness

2 c. discipline

1 c. business savvy

1 c. commitment

1/4 c. introspection

1/4 c. open-mindedness

1/4 c. skepticism


First open the package and put on thick skin.

Mix the above ingredients well.

Fold in a liberal dose of accuracy, spelling and grammar.


Spritz with entrepreneurial spirit before sprinkling well with fearlessness.

Add safety measures to taste before serving to the public.


Store recipe and all leftovers in a cool, dark, secure place.

*preferably on a thumb-drive in a safety deposit box


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8 comments on “Recipe For A Journalist

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  2. alyssarendon
    July 22, 2013

    I like this one. Great stuff.


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  6. diannegray
    July 24, 2013

    This is great! 😀


    • Cheri Speak
      July 24, 2013

      Thanks, if you have Twitter will you Tweet it to @Freshly_Pressed? I think it’s press worthy LOL! 😉


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