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Throwing Darts


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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the darts you throw still hurt me.

I am not a dart board.

You are not a dart board either, yet daily each of us gets stuck with a well-aimed dart or two by those we encounter and engage with.

Sometimes, we ourselves are the dart throwers.

Modern communication comes with an odd array of etiquette that is mired in caveats where lashing out for the sake of being an asshole is common practice.

Ten-years ago I was astounded by the lack of class delivered in words over the internet. Today I am outraged and it’s not just the internet anymore.

What have we allowed to infest our communications with one another?

Whatever it is…it is clearly not good for humankind.


7 comments on “Throwing Darts

  1. Charles Yallowitz
    December 12, 2013

    I think people have gotten so used to being rude and insulting on the Internet that it carries over to face-to-face conversations. People forget that you can’t get slapped over a computer.


    • Cheri
      December 12, 2013

      lol I think we have had this exact conversation before Charles deja vu


      • Charles Yallowitz
        December 12, 2013

        I think so. Honestly, I’ve had it a lot of times over the last few years. I no longer remember who I had it with.


      • Cheri
        December 12, 2013

        lol it’s OK, groundhog day is one of my favorite movies :p hahahaha


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  3. lordvito9
    December 23, 2013

    i guess everyone see etiquette different,but these days it seems shock factor has become more important than quality. good post, worth the read.


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