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Crossing Over the Rubicon: R.I.P. Michael C. Ruppert


Sunday, April 13, after finishing what would be his last, The Lifeboat Hour, radio show, whistle-blower, activist, author, American hero, Michael C. Ruppert, allegedly shot himself, taking his own life.

Getting the News

A close friend and colleague, Carolyn Baker, Ph. D., posted a notice on her FaceBook wall informing Ruppert’s friends, fans and followers of his death, assuring everyone that his suicide was not a “fake”; her message, in part, reads…

Sunday night following Mike’s Lifeboat Hour radio show, he was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This was not a “fake” suicide. It was very well planned by Mike who gave us few clues but elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him.”

You can read Carolyn’s statement in its entirety here.

Is It True?

Unfortunately, Michael’s death is neither rumor nor Internet hoax.

Wesley Miller, Michael’s attorney and business partner at Collapse Net,  told me he confirmed Michael’s death with Napa County Sheriff’s Office Monday afternoon and that his death was, “an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

According to Miller, Michael used a “Glock 30 .45 caliber pistol” and shot himself in the head; his body was discovered by a friend.

Miller also said,

Without equivocation [Michael] had discussed taking his own life on more than one occasion, with me and with other people. His suicidal ideation exists on video and in writing.

Miller intends to provide documentation of Michael’s suicidal demons for the public in the hopes of squelching any crazy conspiracy theories surrounding his death.

He does not however, discount any possibility and vows to investigate thoroughly and publicly. As Michael’s executor he will have access to autopsy reports. The autopsy is being performed today, Tuesday April 15 and Miller should have a preliminary coroner’s report sometime today however  the complete autopsy results with toxicology, etc. will not be available for months. 

At this time Miller asks everyone to please be respectful by not passing around speculation and conjecture.

Why, Michael, Why?

It is documented in texts and video that Michael had issues and entertained ideas of death, something called suicidal ideation. Many people with depression, bipolar and other mental illness suffer the same. the idea of dying is fixed and there is little another can do to remove the desire from the one fixated. Those close to him have voiced their concerns and knowledge that this day would come.

Michael’s attorney, Wesley Miller, says,

The hardest part of this, for me, is that everything I did with or for Mike was in an effort to prevent this day from ever happening.  Collapse Net was literally formed to provide a means for Mike to make a living. In doing so, he was brought back into a world of despair that he thought he had retired from. He absorbed the pain of the world on a daily basis until he could not take it any longer, and he left CollapseNet when it got to be too much. But that pain kept following him, and there is nothing that anyone could do about [it]for him.

He told me many times that Jenna saved his life after Venezuela. I reached out to him in 2009 to help resurrect his career and his honor, and help get him back on his feet again. I know his death is not on me, but I still can’t help feeling, unlike his experience with Jenna, that I failed…or that by “helping” him, it merely brought him back on his path of self-destruction.

From friend and colleague Jenna Orkin,

A brief Comment on Mike Ruppert’s Death: We always knew it could come to this. To write about Mike requires the tranquility of recollection but at the moment, all is turmoil.  Mike, you told us, “Evolve or perish.”  Yet in Apocalypse Man you merged them, speaking of death as the ultimate evolution.  One day we’ll all find out whether that is, in fact, the case but it’s not the message you used to impart!”

And from Carolyn Baker, one of the last people Michael spoke with before taking his life,

This was not a “fake” suicide. It was very well planned by Mike who gave us few clues but elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him.”

She later added,

I understand the reaction to assume that this was an assassination. It was not. Mike was in terrible emotional pain. I know that because he confided in me every few days. Yes, on the outside, things looked pretty good. On the inside he was in hell. He has spoken of suicide on countless occasions and declared that he actually moved to Colorado too commit suicide which of course he did not. What we need now is not to be posturing with speculation. We need to be grieving our guts out for this loss and all of the losses of this planet.”

Congresswoman and former Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney was very close to Michael and posted this,

Mike Ruppert was my very very best friend. OMGosh, he wrote the foreword in my book, “Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom.” OMGosh, Mike Ruppert has always been with me, even when we were not together. OMGosh, April 13, 2014 was the last day this man was physically on this earth. What a huge loss . . .” 

A Profound or Prophetic Goodbye?

Some words from Michael’s final podcast post may shed some light into the darkness and confusion his passing has left behind,

Everywhere on this planet right now the warriors leading the way to a new consciousness are feeling the heat. My trip to Seattle was an ass kicker. Perhaps most of us who have been leading are feeling it most intensely.” ~ Michael C. Ruppert, Sunday, April 13, 2014

Maybe those words were Michael’s way of letting us know how intensely he himself was feeling that heat?

At the 21;49 mark in this final show, Michael plays a song in dedication to, “everyone who has been so loyal to this show and who has walked the walk all of this way to these very painful times,” saying.

I picked a song tonight and I wanted to dedicate it to all of the people who have been out here doing the work and I’m not gonna be able to name all of them, but I want to dedicate it to the brave souls who have been out here, who are out here now, and also to everyone who has been so loyal to this show and who has walked the walk all of this way to these very painful times.”

He goes on to list a couple of dozen names that include;   Carolyn Baker, Guy McPherson, Paul Beckwood, Mimi German,  Chris Hedges, Abby Martin and more, including many of his indigenous teachers and friends. He ends his dedication with,

“…and [this song is] to each and every one of you who hears this show tonight because we have so many heroes. This is one of my favorites…”

If you don’t want to watch the video, take a moment to read the lyrics, there is a message here for all of us…

Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry with k.d.lang.

Santa Maria, Santa Teresa, Santa Anna, Santa Susannah
Santa Cecilia, Santa Copelia, Santa Domenica, Mary Angelica
Frater Achad, Frater Pietro, Julianus, Petronilla
Santa, Santos, Miroslaw, Vladimir
and all the rest

a man is placed upon the steps, a baby cries
and high above the church bells start to ring
and as the heaviness the body oh the heaviness settles in
somewhere you can hear a mother sing

then it’s one foot then the other as you step out onto the road
how much weight? how much weight?
then it’s how long? and how far?
and how many times before it’s too late?

calling all angels
calling all angels
walk me through this one
don’t leave me alone
calling all angels
calling all angels
we’re cryin’ and we’re hurtin’
and we’re not sure why…

and every day you gaze upon the sunset
with such love and intensity
it’s almost…it’s almost as if
if you could only crack the code
then you’d finally understand what this all means

but if you could…do you think you would
trade in all the pain and suffering?
ah, but then you’d miss
the beauty of the light upon this earth
and the sweetness of the leaving

calling all angels
calling all angels
walk me through this one
don’t leave me alone
callin’ all angels
callin’ all angels
we’re tryin’
we’re hopin’
we’re hurtin’
we’re lovin’
we’re cryin’
we’re callin’
’cause we’re not sure how this goes

Who Was Michael C. Ruppert?

Michael Ruppert dedicated his life to exposing corruption and wrongdoing as an ex-LAPD narcotics officer and whistle-blower. He was a big and leading voice in activist movements from the Drug War and Peak Oil to 9/11 and more for more than 35-years. His books and videos have been read and watched by countless millions.

He was loved and respected and his tenacity was daunting. His work was hard, his victories hard-fought, his lessons life changing.

You can read Michael Ruppert’s full bio — and see all the relevant documents relating to his cases, over at From the Wilderness, but here is an excerpt:

Michael Ruppert is the author of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. Published in September 2004 and is one of the three best-selling books globally and in the US about the attacks of 9/11. Rubicon is the only book to show that Vice President Richard Cheney, the US government and Wall Street had a well-developed awareness of Peak Oil before the 9/11 attacks and that US policy since then has been consistent with Peak Oil imperatives. In May, 2006 Crossing the Rubicon was added to the Harvard School of Business library and released in a French version with distribution throughout all major book stores in France.

Some of Michael’s outstanding work can be found below…


Part I of a talk by Michael C. Ruppert author of “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil” given January 15, 2005 at Kane Hall, UW Campus Seattle.

Part II of a talk by Michael C. Ruppert author of “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil” given January 15, 2005 at Kane Hall, UW Campus Seattle.


Collapse, the Documentary

Collapse of the Industrial Civilization: Michael C. Ruppert on RTs Breaking the Set with Abby Martin

One of the last known videos of Michael is  from just a couple of months ago and is called, Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert on World’s End (Part 1) and it is well worth watching.

Saying Goodbye on Social Media

As news gets out of Michael’s passing posts and Tweets are starting to make their rounds. Here are just a few…

Author’s Note:

Michael C. Ruppert made an impression and impact on me, my life and my writing as he did so many others. His work is a part of history however, ugly that history may be and that history is ours and we need to honor Mike’s for telling the stories so many others would not investigate let a lone have the balls to tell.  Michael was a good guy and he will be missed by many. If you did not know who he was, chances are, somewhere in your life his work touched you in a positive way. Thank you Mike for steering me in the right direction and most of all for showing me where I was sometimes wrong. Your contribution will live forever. R.I.P.

I am in contact with Wesley Miller as well as Carolyn Baker and others pertaining to this case and will report any new information as it is vetted and becomes available. For anyone concerned about Mike’s beloved dog, Rags, he is being adopted by Jessy Re.

UPDATE: Michael C. Ruppert Suicide Note Released



For more info/background on the death of Michael C. Ruppert…

From the Wilderness Forward, What Really Happened to Michael C. Ruppert

“He carried, as it were, the burden of the world on his shoulders. He was almost a Christ-like figure in that sense.” ~ Barry Zwicker – Author, Activist and Media …Continue reading 

Michael C. Ruppert Suicide Note Released

Yesterday I published a piece about the Sunday, April 13, suicide of radio show host, whistle-blower, activist, author and American hero, Michael C. Ruppert. Today I would like to update the readers … READ MORE

Michael C. Ruppert Left Four Notes and a Poem

On Wednesday I reported that Michael C. Ruppert left two “suicide” notes behind – one that was addressed to “Jack” which I published here, and another addressed to Mike’s partner “Jessy Re”. This information … READ MORE

Wise Woman Media Discusses Michael C. Ruppert’s Life and Legacy

Let’s Talk Tonight! For those following along wanting more information or simply heartfelt commiseration, I will be joining Carolyn Baker on  Wise Woman Media with Anita Stewart… READ MORE

Michael C. Ruppert’s Death and “Rags” the Dog

As I mentioned, there were a total of four “notes” and a poem strategically left behind by Michael C. Rupport. One of those notes, involves Mike’s best pal, his dog “Rags”. At … READ MORE

Michael C. Ruppert Said “YOU Don’t Read”

The piece that most of you are waiting for is already being written. This article will include the details and a time-line of Mike’s last day along with more pieces … READ MORE
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    April 15, 2014

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  6. TokyoTom
    April 16, 2014

    This last radio show by Michael Ruppert, promising several time to “see you next week”, does not sound at all like a depressed someone about to kill himself:


    • Cheri
      April 16, 2014

      did u expect him to say he wouldn’t see ya next week? 😉


  7. Eric Hogan
    April 16, 2014

    This may be strange, coming from a stranger, but please, please, please, someone take Rags to spend a few minutes with Michael’s body before they cremate him. It’s the only way to give closure for the dog, otherwise he won’t understand why Michael just left. Considering how close they were Rags needs to see and smell the body. It really is important.


    • Cheri
      April 16, 2014

      Jesse Re has adopted Rags. I do not Know how to reach them to suggest such, but I can mention it to Michael’s attorney, but the autopsy began yesterday and it is unlikely.


      • Helga Vierich
        April 16, 2014

        Glad to hear someone has take Rags in.


      • Cheri
        April 16, 2014

        Jessy Re, his girlfriend/life partner


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  9. Corner of Confessions
    April 16, 2014

    May he rest in peace.

    And Cheri I have to say DAMN at your extensive hard work writing this very through, informative yet respectful article.


    • Cheri
      April 16, 2014

      Thank you. I am so sad about all of this. I cannot believe there has not been any actual news on this that has any details. All a few have reported is that he killed himself and that he was a “conspiracy theorist”…so very very sad.


      • Marilyn Taylor
        April 18, 2014

        A great and measureless loss on so many levels.

        What a blend of sensitivity, discernment, tough-as-nails realism, selflessness, and whatever one can call – ‘that which is beyond courage’.

        Those of us who learned what he had to teach (which included thinking for oneself!) have been very, very fortunate. Surely, this is how it always feels to know – or even live in the same era as – a great, pioneering bodhisattva. May each of us personalize Gandhi’s statement that, “My life is my message.”

        As to the inevitable varied opinions re- “Did Michael Ruppert kill himself or was he murdered?”…

        I would say that this is most likely the wrong question. I believe it will be shown that Mike terminated his incarnation in a considered and carefully planned way – as was his nature. If so, however, this would not necessarily mean – “Case Closed”.

        More to the point, I’d suggest, are questions concerning whether he was targeted by HAARP or other forms of psychotronic technology. If you care to do a little digging, you may find that these technologies are currently in use – in terms of altering a person’s thought-process, emotional states, and behavior.

        I am not proposing these possibilities to open up another avenue of fantasy. I am simply referring to what appears to be factual data concerning actual technologies, which may conceivably have been involved in Mike’s demise. After all, persons whose intention is to win a battle will always seek to exploit their opponent’s natural weaknesses. Clearly, at this juncture those of us who passionately care can’t afford to be naïve.

        I am not saying this is the case. Rather, I would suggest that one way to draw meaning from Michael’s death would be to use this time as an opportunity to learn about these and other advanced technologies – and their origins. It seems like a reasonable guess to say that this is what Mike would want.

        In any case Michael Ruppert had long ago earned entry into the ranks of the great servants of peace, Gandhi, John Lennon, and Martin Luther King Jr., and so many others who offered their own lives in the cause of universal harmony.

        May he continue to be a blessing to all the lives he touches – on Earth and beyond!

        (If interested, see The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rimpoche).


      • Cheri
        April 18, 2014

        Oh geez, I got as far as your 2nd line before i spit my nachos at my computer screen!! LOL, I thought — at first glance, and please forgive me I am EXHAUSTED right now, but this part here…”What a blend of sensitivity, discernment, tough-“….said….”What a blend of sensuality, discretion and thought” … I was like what in the world??? I did ask for forgiveness…now I will try to stop laughing and read what you said :p


      • Cheri
        April 18, 2014

        Great comment, minus the xrated stuff I thought I was about to read! So, I know when we wait for information it is easy to continue to speculate… and i am sorry because I have the information and have not finished telling you all the story yet. There is a sequence i need to lay this out in so that everyone will understand or “get” what it was he did and was trying to accomplish. Even those who LOVE him may be like,”huh”? when all is said and done, i do not know. But the rest IS coming soon. I am sure you can imagine how crazy it is for me right now with this, emotion aside, sheer exhaustion at the volume of info and pace I have had to stay at for days on end now. I did not sleep last night, my adrenaline is through the roof and no amount of melatonin would help me. So….I ask that those reading here, or at least thge ones that see this comment, try to do what i desparately need to do and that is take a step back and a deep breath…just for a minute, then proceed. I feel VERY confident then when i am done, most everyone will understand completely, whether we agree or not and that the way I am doing this will help Mike’s legacy and take a little sting off the ending for us :the children” and for History’s sake for Mike. I cannot change that he killed himself, and I assure you he did, but i can try to help you undertsnad it…I walk a fine line though as I have to do this without glorifying or romanticizing suicide in any way (not just for the sake of Mike and the story) but for the sake of humanity and people like me who suffer with suicidal ideation. Taking your life, IMHO, is between an individual and their “God”…i do not condone, endorse nor encourage suicide, cutting or anything of the sort, but….when i am done…you will see that in Mike’s mind…he was doing something beautiful (or thought he was) for all of us.


      • Marilyn Taylor
        April 18, 2014

        Bless you.


      • Cheri
        April 18, 2014

        Thank you!!!! a bit overwhelmed.


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  14. Marilyn Taylor
    April 19, 2014

    Hi Cheri,

    No doubt your plate is Very Full at the moment, especially since you are in the midst of telling Michael’s story in a clear and thorough way!

    I just wanted to highlight the apparent fact that psychotronic technology *might* have been involved in Michael’s years-long suicidal ideation. I would invite you to look into this. Many of us would not want – or find it difficult – to believe this. However, the issue of this technology has even been addressed at the U.N.

    Once again, I know that a great many people are very appreciative of the work and the effort you are offering in this difficult time.


    • Cheri
      April 19, 2014

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for offering an alternative idea without the aggressive BS tactics that have been projected on me by a few other people who simply do not want to believe that he did this. Mike’s issues stemmed from childhood. He had a rough one and they grew from there.


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  17. Ted Howard
    April 19, 2014

    Doing the best I can in my grief, and so thankful for what you’re doing here Cheri.

    ….so, a friend reckons Mike was “suicided” via remote electronic attack:

    IMO TPTW may or may not have this tech…and “they” may have been putting pressure on Mike for decades.

    IMO more than anything, Mike was killed by the insanity of the dominant culture.

    From childhood, he was hounded by it. Recently he shared how close he was to death in ‘Apocalypse, Man’. So be it. He had done so much as a whistle-blower. To be labelled a ‘conspiracy nut’ by those trapped in the insanity of the dominant culture, is a revelation of the consensus trance bubble that pointed that finger at him.

    Meanwhile The 6th Mass Extinction took out another 200+ species today….

    “It is no measure of good health, to be well adjusted, in a profoundly sick society.”
    J Krishnamurti


    • Cheri
      April 19, 2014

      Thank you, and please tell your friend there WAS a gun, not a remote.


  18. Marilyn Taylor
    April 20, 2014


    I noticed your reply to Ted Howard, which suggests that you have misunderstood the meaning of what he wrote. So, I would ask that you read this note before the show if you can.

    We are all grieving. I know you passionately want to tell Mike’s story in a heartfelt way, and I thank you for your dedication in this.

    If there was one thing Mike cultivated it was a laser-like focus on the facts. And especially facts that at first may seem unpalatable or unbelievable.

    So, here are a few:

    “Former KGB General George Kotov has told American visitors about Russian (KGB) research into ‘acoustic psycho-correction.’ The process involves transmitting commands into the subconscious of targeted victims through static or white-noise bands without upsetting other intellectual functions.

    “The Jan. 11-17, 1993 issue of DEFENSE NEWS reported that U.S. political and military officials are obtaining Soviet mind-control technology.

    “A scientific analysis published by an affiliate of the Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy stated:

    “‘…It has become possible to probe and correct psychic contents of human beings despite their will and consciousness by instrumental means… Results having been achieved… can be used with inhumane purposes of manipulating psyche.’

    “These devices appear to work at the Very Low Frequency (VLF) spectrum.

    “A December 1980 issue of MILITARY REVIEW article titled, “The New Mental Battlefield” stated:

    “‘Psychotronics may be described as the interaction of mind and matter… The possibility for employment as weaponry has been explored. To be more specific, there are weapons systems that operate on the power of the min… and whose lethal capacity has already been demonstrated…These “weapons would be able to induce illness or death at little or no risk to the operator… The psychotronic weapon would be silent (and) difficult to detect…’ ”

    Since such a technology can apparently effect emotions as well as thought processes, such a scenario would have been a possibility, especially in Michael’s situation – although none of us would like to think this was the case.


    • Cheri
      April 20, 2014

      I am aware of all of that. I have been an activist for a long time.But Mike had a pattern and a problem. He killed himself.


  19. Cheri
    April 20, 2014

    for anyone who has doubted me


  20. Steven Peterson
    April 20, 2014

    Even though I never had the privilege of speaking to him. Michael was a mentor to me as he was to so many others, a deep source of strength and inspiration I would call upon to help me face the reality of our world. I wish I had told him that while I had the chance.

    I lost my own father to suicide. Part of me knew this would be how it would end for Mike. It’s hard to read, but I can understand why some people can’t accept that he would take this route.

    Thank you for putting this resource together. Most of the stories covering Mike’s passing, with the exception of the local paper, are insulting and infuriating. My love goes out to everybody whose lives were touched by this amazing spirit. We were truly honored to have had him here now, in this unprecedented moment in human history.

    RIP Michael. You have earned your rest.


  21. Marilyn Taylor
    April 20, 2014


    You may be missing the point. Michael’s intentions, suicidal ideation, and actions are not at issue.

    Naturally, any psychotronic induction would exploit pre-existing negative tendencies..

    I know it’s scary to contemplate the possibility that this kind of mind control exists and can be deployed.


    • Cheri
      April 20, 2014

      Marylyn…did you personally know Mike?


  22. Marilyn Taylor
    April 20, 2014

    I didn’t. But I feel like I did. He was so open and generous about sharing himself. I have much pain about this.

    I understand that all of us are asking, “Why, Michael??” And I am not sharing the following so that folks can just come up with a pat answer. But we need to be realistic, particularly at this point.

    One more thing, I can recommend Path of Empowerment by Barbara Marciniak, which offers an overview of the games within games that Mike never got into, but may have had an inkling of.

    But what I want to say now is that I can’t agree with Carolyn saying that no mind control was involved in Mike’s suicide. There’s simply no way she could know that. And, there’s no use in painting a mythic picture in which Mike was not a victim and chose his fate. He was mythic enough, larger than life, in his own right. Let’s be real here. If it’s even a minute possibility that mind control was involved Mike would want this on the table for discussion.

    “The 1983 book, THE MIND RACE, by Russell Targ and Keith Harary reported that leading Soviet psychotronics expert, Professor I.M. Kogan,

    “‘argues that if psychic phenomena are to be explained at all, it will have to be through low-frequency electromagnetic principles.”

    “Targ and Harary reported:

    “’Experiments that feature inducing pain or behavior manipulation at a distance have been the distinguishing feature of almost all official soviet PSI research since the 1920’s.

    “Describing Soviet research, Targ and Harary reported:

    “’An 18 KHz oscillator was modulated with different types of stochastic (random) noise. The output of the generator was brought near the patient’s heads, apparently causing the to have ‘mystical or religious types of experiences.’ In other experiments, it was found that heart attacks could be induced in susceptible rats, and relief from hypoxia obtained in rats suffering from oxygen deprivation.”

    “Martin Ebon’s 1983 book, Psychic Warfare, stated:

    ‘“Efforts to monitor human brain activity, by means of some form of super-telepathy, should be seen in the context of just such technological means as microwave techniques offer today…Certain aspects of psychotronics, those concerned with extremely low levels of energy, electromagnetism, photons, bioplasma, and similar categories, are the electro-biological equivalent of communications and interception techniques that utilize advanced electronic technology.’”

    Now, perhaps the angels of truth and love have met the soul that Michael is with open arms, welcoming him as one of their own.


    • Cheri
      April 20, 2014

      I do agree with Carolyn…because we have SEEN. That’s the difference in all of this. And nothing I or anyone else that genuinely knows can tell you that will make you change your mind if you have already made it up. These people know more about mind control and everything else than you and I combined probably, come on…do you think THESE people would be saying it was a suicide for sure IF it was not? How is it that people who don’t know him and have not seen what we have etc think they got it all figured out?


    • Cheri
      April 20, 2014

      Without animosity, just simply saying I will not put through any more comments like that. You have put enough of them in here, and I have allowed it, but that’s it.

      You have no facts about the case other than those I have provided and yet you know? Do you have any idea what an insult that is to these people who DID know him and what they know?

      And even worse, the insult it is to Mike and his ELABORATE and loving effort to make sure you and others would not be doing what you are doing.

      Do you not understand that THESE are the types of things that caused this man the greatest angst?

      No more here. Thank you.


  23. Marilyn Taylor
    April 20, 2014


    Thank you for posting my comments. I was trying to offer information, that’s all.

    Do you have any suggestions on where I might find out more of the facts that you know re- Mike’s passing?

    My mind isn’t made up at all. I just try to stay open to possibilities. In fact I’d very much like to be wrong about my speculations and the hypotheses I offered. And I may be completely off target, I know.

    It was not my intention to insult anyone, least of all Mike.I’m aware that all of our feelings are very raw right now and I absolutely want to honor this reality. I do think Mike would feel that by sharing what I did, I was honoring both his memory and his fierce spirit of inquiry, whether popular or not. I was simply referring to one of the cutting edges of science which involves the interface between thought, consciousness and technology. And, I know that radical innovations are often initially ridiculed and opposed.

    My last thought for now is simply that as deep and thorough as Mike’s work went, he may have been dealing with only the tip of the iceberg. I believe this is worth contemplating….And that we can only take in so much at one time.

    I would like to end by quoting a Hindu sage. This being, who in my opinion was extraordinarily evolved, said:

    “Truth is the most difficult [austerity/sacrifice]. Men will hate you for telling the truth. They will call you names. They may even kill you, but you must tell the truth. I you live in truth, God will always stand with you.”

    It is Easter Sunday. This being also said, “Christ died for truth.”

    Thank you again for this dialogue – a rare and precious thing in today’s world.


    • Cheri
      April 20, 2014

      I am not upset at all hun. Happy Easter.


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  25. Marilyn Taylor
    April 21, 2014


    I appreciate your being willing to post thoughts with which you were not aligned.

    I’d like to be super clear that I was not saying or implying I knew any of the actual circumstances related to Mike’s death. As you said, you were, and are, in the midst of things and close to the “facts on the ground.”

    Instead, I wished to share information about “the Empire” and the technologies that apparently exist and can be utilized. In doing so, I sought to model what Michael modeled – a willingness to share his discoveries – planting seeds so that others can grow and be empowered in the struggle for true freedom.

    Offered in love and truth…


  26. Marilyn Taylor
    April 22, 2014


    It occurred to me, given the MSM blackout re- news of Michael’s death, that you and/or Carol B. might consider writing an obit and submit it to Common Dreams, Huffingtonpost, the Guardian, and/or some of the other progressive news sites such as, TomDispatch, OpedNews, Truthout, etc. These days it seems that they are sites through which “politically incorrect” news is published and at times picked up by more mainstream news sources.

    Once again, thank you for your courage and fortitude in taking on the responsibility of shepherding Michael’s news on your blog.


    • Cheri
      April 22, 2014

      I am not authorized to submit an obituary to my knowledge. I imagine that would be Jacks place or Jessy’s. Either way, I certainly do not feel that is MY place. I have been a writer for OpEd News for many years. The story is there and it has been reposted and linked to to by many others at this point, but I am not aware of MSM coverage. I think the people that cared about Mike would not necessarily be the type of people that relied on their Nightly News anyway, yanno? I only care that people know the real facts and stop with the conspiracy. Mike tried hard to make it so no one would do that. Truly. Sadly, there was much, in hindsight, that were clues, sadder still no one responded to them because they were in countless places in myriad ways. Had they been a collective of clues, maybe the outcome could have been different. The reality is, Mike himself made sure there wasn’t enough time for there to be a collective.


  27. Marilyn Taylor
    April 22, 2014

    I understand that Michael made a conscious choice, no matter what the background circumstances were.

    Just a suggestion. If you are so inclined, I believe that one can submit an article or essay to some or all of these sites. May the lessons Mike taught and his example of fearless insight and compassion spread far and wide. May the Great Turning happen quickly, and with the least suffering as possible.

    As always, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for…


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  29. Bruce Nichols
    April 28, 2014

    That’s all total nonesnense. I don’t believe he killed himself without leaving a note or making a huge statement on his departure. He understood the stakes. He knew too much. He also understood the importance of getting his message out to the world, the very thing he was doing for most of his life. His death would have been the ultimate platform for projecting his final thoughts and his message into the mainstream. Going silently into the night is not Micheal Rupert.That is the mark of a coward or foul play. Going out with a wimper is not Micheal Rupert. He was never a coward. He is a Real American Hero!


    • Cheri
      April 28, 2014

      Obviously you didn’t read the successive stories that INCLUDE the notes 😉 … to tell me what I have written is nonsense is an insult to me and an embarrassment to you considering all the coverage of my work at this point. You should take Mike’s lead and do a little research before you start making accusations.

      Yes, Mike was a “Hero”, but he also had issues that are HIGHLY documented. He wasn’t a “whimp” either…


    • Cheri
      April 28, 2014

      catch up … here is the series thus far: … I am working on the final piece right now, which includes as close to a minute by minute timeline as I could achieve. I hope to be able to publish it here sometime tomorrow.


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  32. Notes To Ponder
    November 30, 2014

    Flicking through channels one lazy Sunday afternoon I found Collapse on HBO. Michael Ruppert struck chords I didn’t know existed within my perceptions. Poignant, disturbing, profoundly unnerving – Ruppert’s hypnotic spell cast a fire deep within everything I took for granted. I couldn’t shut up about him.Incapable of defining my sentiments, I posted a superficial, detached post titled “Pondering Michael Ruppert”. Ruppert jiggled my normal ability to rationaly elaborate my point of view – leaving nothing but assertion to all and any who would listen “please find time to give Collapse a chance”. I hadn’t the slightest idea Ruppert committed suicide months ago. Shaken, I wrote this post tonight….

    Just needed to share my despair 🙂


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